081007 Lucia Takes A Tipsy Pee As She Returns From A Party  0

Salma had taken Lucia into town for a quiet cocktail but, as Lucia was on 
holiday, she was in a party mood and consumed rather too many glasses 
before finally being persuaded to get into the car for the drive home. Lucia 
complained that she needed to pee and before they reached the apartment Lucia 
insisted that Salma stopped and let out to pee. Not wanting a pee soaked seat in 
her car, Salma stopped immediately and let Lucia out. Lucia teetered round the 
corner out of sight and so Salma drove round after her and found Lucia leaning 
back against one of the big municipal bins with the front of her skirt pulled 
above her waist. Salma waited patiently whilst Lucia released gush after gush of 
pee on to the road but after finishing and wiping, Lucia decided to walk the 
remaining short distance to the appartment. Salma followed slowly in the car just 
to make sure that the rather unsteady Lucia actually made it home.

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