081004 Tipsy Lucia Pees In The Hand Basin 0

Lucia returned home very late after attending a party. She was bursting to pee 
and made straight for the bathroom but remembering that she had friends with a 
young baby staying at the apartment, decided to pee in the hand basin rather 
than flush the toilet, which might wake up the baby. In her less than sober state, 
Lucia struggled to unzip her boots and remove her trousers and panties from 
one leg before climbing up astride the hand basin. She peed a torrent into the 
hand basin before climbing down and wiping. She dumped the used toilet paper 
in the basin and struggled to pull up her panties and trousers before leaving the 
bathroom. In the background, the baby can be heard crying and so her efforts 
to pee quietly were not successful.