081002  Peeing Lucia Revives The Old Fountain  0

Lucia was at a party in the garden of one of the older villas in the Mallorcan hills. She had a lot of sparkling Cava and her bladder was at bursting point. Lucia had no idea where the toilet was and so just headed down to a quieter part of the gardens to take a pee. She came upon a disused fountain that had housed a statue at some time but was now looking bare.Encouraged by the Cava that she had been consuming, Lucia decided to replace the statue and climbed up on to the fountain and prepared to release a stream of pee. However, she was so desperate and had been clamping so hard to avoid dripping that it took a few moments before her muscles relaxed and and a stream of pee gushed from Lucia's straining bladder. Lucia groaned with relief as finally all the pee drained out. Lucia wiped and scrambled down from the fountain and back towards to party, ready to refill her bladder.

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