032079,032080 & 032081 Sam's Second Winter Outing - Part 2 0

This group of three scenes completes Sam's second round of filming in January 2010. The first scene continues the park theme and we see Sam taking advantage of another deserted park. The second scene shows an increasingly desperate Sam sitting taking a phone call in her parked car. Try as she might, she cannot get her friend off the line and when she finally manages to end the call, she is too desperate to hurry to the shop to use the toilet and so just pees a flood by the door of the car. In the final scene, we se desperate Sam returning to a car park and squatting by a parked Mazda and taking a long pee before heading for her own car. She finishes just in time as the owner of the Mazda arrives and drives off just after Sam pulled her clothes back up. Both the latter scenes were filmed in a busy public are of the city. Two camera were used in filming and the scenes have been previously released in the Members area of Projectpee but this is the first time that they have been available in full 1080 HD