016239 Eve Pees Outside The Closed Cafe & 016240 Eve Pees On The Sands 0

The penultimate scene from this shoot sees Eve standing outside a seafront cafe which is closing for the day. Eve stands with her legs apart and takes a long pee straight down on to the pavement.

As a bonus, we are also including the last scene filmed in Andalucia. It was actually a great scene filmed after our last dinner in Andalucia but unfortunately I left filter on and so the scene is very dark.

I know that some people like to have complete sets and it does have an "authentic voyeur" appeal but I did not think that it merited being offered for sale separately and so as a compromise, we have included it with the other scene. If you don't fancy the dark scene, no need to download it but if you download and enjoy the scene, that's great.

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