016183 Eve Takes A Daring Pee From A Sun Lounger 0

The girls decided to take a stroll on the almost deserted beach before having breakfast. Having left the Hotel in a hurry, they had not returned to their room to use the toilet and so both badly needed to pee. Eve sat down on a sun lounger and was just about to pull up her skirt when an elderly couple appeared and despite having miles of empty beach to choose from, decided to hang around that particular area. Fortunately, the old couple directed their attention to the sea and so whilst their backs were turned, Eve hitched up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and peed a long hard stream on to the coarse sand. She finished just in time as the couple tired of gazing at the sea and started to walk along the beach again.

Previously released in the Members area of the former Projectpee website but now available in full 1920x1080HD

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