080020 Nikki Rushes From The Tube Station To Take An Urgent Pee. 0

Nikki had a long journey on the tube and was burst to pee by the time she reached her destination. Nikki ran out the tube station and headed around a corner until she found a slightly out of the way place. After glancing around, Nikki backed into the corner, dropped her trousers and panties and took a long pee on to the paving. Greatly relieved Nikki rearranged her clothes and carried on her journey. 

016204 The Weather Is So Bad That Eve Has To Pee In A Bottle In The Car 0

It had been a rough crossing from Gozo to Malta and the weather was deteriorating very quickly. Eve badly needed to pee but it was too wet and windy outside and so Eve resorted to filling an empty fruit juice bottle. It was a struggle to get into position but better than getting soaked outside.

This was the final scene from the Malta shoot. We had plans for dining in St Julians and filming as usual but the storm really cranked up and so we called it a day for filming and so it's goodbye from Malta.

023122 Ewa Takes Her Last Pee On Gozo

2018-04-08 Ewa 1:01 minutes Outdoors, Peeing
023122 Ewa Takes Her Last Pee On Gozo 0

As soon as Eve finished peeing Ewa moved a little further down the ramp and took a long pee on the narrow pavement leading down to the water. The girls then hurried back to the car, fervently hoping that they would be able to embark on the ferry that was just coming in to dock.

016203 Eve Takes An Urgent Pee On The Loading Ramp 0

The ferry terminal was very busy. It was obvious that a major storm was on its way and everyone who needed to be in Malta wanted to make the crossing whilst the ferries were still running. The first ferry that the girls had hoped to board reached capacity before they had boarded and so they had to wait for next one which was just entering the harbour, The girls were desperate to pee and so had to find somewhere close at hand. They headed down the vehicle ramp and Eve squeezed herself tightly against the wall and took a gushing pee down the ramp.

016202 Eve Stops For A Pee When she Walks Round The Harbour 0

Eve wanted to have a short stroll around the harbour area before driving to the ferry ramp and she headed over to look at some of the boats being repaired. As she passed a catamaran which was on the hard standing, Eve took the opportunity of the cover afforded and took a long pee. The girls then headed back to their car and prepared to join the ferry queue.

023121 Ewa Takes A Pee On The Mgarr Waterfront

2018-04-08 Ewa 1:30 minutes
023121 Ewa Takes A Pee On The Mgarr Waterfront 0

With a major storm on the horizon, the girls made their way to Mgarr harbour to catch the ferry back to Malta. The queue was fairly long and so the girls decided to stop for a pee before they joined the line. Ewa was desperate and so sat on the low wall around the harbour and took a long pee on the pavement.

023120 Ewa Takes A Windy Pee Outside Calypso Cave 0

As Eve left the cave entrance to rejoin Ewa a large group of Japanese tourists started to arrive. Ewa badly needed to pee and so headed down a rocky path before squatting down, pulling her panties aside and taking a long pee on to the ground. What she did not realise was there was a gap in the bushes and the tourists arriving along the upper path probably got a good view of her peeing. They possibly thought that it was a local custom.

016201 Eve Takes A Pee In The Famous Calypso Cave 0

Another few miles drive and the girls arrived at the famous Calypso Cave, which turned out to be something of a disappointment for them. The entrance was little more than some footholds in the steep rock path down into the cave. Ewa could not manage the descent in her wedge heels but Eve was game to try in her high heels. There was nothing much to see when we got down to the cave but Eve did manage to take a pee on the rock ledge before climbing back out again. It was a disappointing location but as the cave partially collapsed since the time of filming and had been closed since 2012, possibly forever, at least we did visit the interior and this might be the only pee scene ever filmed in the cave. 

023119 Ewa Demonstrates Her Skill In Using The Gents Urinal 0

Not to be outdone Ewa slipped off her panties and straddled the urinal before sending a long neat stream of pee into the urinal. The girls washed their hands and rearranged their clothing before heading back out into the square. (we did get some odd looks from a group of tourists in the square)

016200 Eve Pees Into The Gents Urinal

2018-04-07 Eve 1:32 minutes Outdoors, Peeing
016200 Eve Pees Into The Gents Urinal 0

The girls were despairing of finding anything open on Gozo but decided to make their way to the famous Calypso Cave. They stopped in the square of a town en-route to the cave and walked around to admire the architecture. They needed to pee before continuing their journey and spotted public toilets on the other side of the square. The Ladies toilet was locked but the Gents was open and so the girls headed into the Gents. Eve lifted up her skirt. slipped off her panties and demonstrated her ability to use the urinal without making a mess on the clean floor.