089006, 121001, 122001, 122001, 123001,124001 Five Young Mexican Girls Taking Turns To Pee In The Jacuzzi 0

Not one or two but five pretty young Mexican girls taking turns to pee in the Jacuzzi. Professional model Nicole leads the way and shows them how it's done and Yolande, Gloria, Joanna and Nita follow her lead and top up the Jacuzzi. Apart from Nicole, none of these girls have ever peed on camera before. As these scenes were all filmed at one time it makes more sense if viewed back to back and so we have included all five scenes as one collection for only €9.99

Filmed in early 2014, these scenes have been released previously on the Projectpee membership site.

Our latest filming from Mexico was only completed last week and will be joining all the other new unreleased footage that we will be adding as soon as we have a reasonable amount of archive footage on line.

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