081003 Lucia Pees From The Beach Platform 0

Party girl Lucia was at a lunchtime cocktail party at one of the beachfront clubs. She decided to take a break from the noise and stroll along the beach for a little while. At this time of the year, the beach was fairly deserted although there was a lot of traffic passing on the road. Lucia needed to pee and when she came to one of the safety platforms decided to climb up. The rear of the platform was closed and so shielded her from being seen from the road as she hitched up her dress, opened her legs wide and perched at the front of the platform. She released a strong arc of pee, which swirled in the wind before splattering on to the sand below. Lucia finished, flicked any remaing drops off with her fingers and climbed back down on to the sands before heading back to the party.

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