023096 Ewa Pees Down The Steps Of St Agatha's Tower 0

The girls were keen to visit St Agatha's Tower, a massive red building that has been part of Malta's defences for nearly 400 years and provides spectacular views of the islands. Unfortunately, the tower was due to close in 15 minutes time, which was far too little time for the girls to explore it from inside.

By this time Ewa was so desperate to pee that she was barely able to climb the long flight of steps. Eve headed up to the top of the steps while Ewa squatted on the ancient steps and started to hose them with pee. She had to stop abruptly however as a car approached. As soon as the car passed Ewa resumed peeing and by the time she had finished there was a huge wet area on the steps.


Previously released in the Members area of the former Projectpee website but now available in full 1920x1080HD

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