023094 Eve & Ewa Make An Emergency Pee Stop  0

The girls decided to drive up to the top of the island but when both of them felt an urgent need to pee, they pulled into a side road and stopped under a bridge. Before either of the girls could start to pee a delivery truck drove past. In fact, it turned around further up the road and drove back along again.The driver obviously thought that something interesting was going to happen as he repeated the exercise another two times whilst we filmed.

Ewa had just squatted and started to pee when a car appeared and she had to stop peeing and stand up very quickly. As soon as the car was out of site Ewa was able to squat down again and take a long and much-needed pee on to the road before wiping and rearranging her clothes.

Previously released the Members area of the former Projectpee website. Now available in full 1920x1080HD