023093 Ewa Takes A Nervous Pee On The Hotel Balcony 0

The girls were not happy with their hotel room and had arranged to move to another room. Whilst Ewa repacked their clothes, Eve went into the bathroom to shower.

After a while, Ewa became desperate to pee but Eve was still using the bathroom. Ewa could not wait any longer and decided to pee on the balcony. She was concerned that she might be seen by other guests but decided that if she squatted in the corner she would be out of sight of the other balconies. Ewa crouched down, wriggled her tight skirt up to her waist, pulled her panties to one side and peed a long stream on to the tiles floor. Fortunately, there had been a shower of rain during the night and the tiles were already wet and so her pee puddle would not show up.

Previously released on the former Projectpee membership site but now available in full 1920x1080 HD