016231 Eve Takes A Pee On The Sands At Sunset 0

We hit a traffic jam on the last leg of the journey because of the back-up of vehicles waiting to take the exit to Malaga airport. When the traffic finally cleared the sun was sinking and we decided to stop for dinner rather than returning to the hotel to change and then go out for dinner as we would normally have done. We pulled on to the coastal road and stopped by some seafront restaurants. We took the opportunity to film the final scene of the day on the beach opposite the restaurant. Eve sat on the edge of a sun lounger and took a very long pee on to the sand. When she finished, she realised hat she had no tissues left and so removed her panties and used them to wipe with before heading over to the restaurant.

Previously released in the Members area of the former Projectpee website and now available in full 1920x1080HD
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