016214 Eve Pees In The Cable Car High Above Barcelona 0

Having filmed around 2500 scenes since we started filming, it's often difficult to recall all the locations that we have used for filming but we can be pretty sure that to date this is our only scene filmed in a moving cable. It was a tricky scene to film as the cars do not actually stop moving at the depots and we had to wait at the last point at which the doors remained open and jump in quickly to be sure of having a car to ourselves. We boarded the car at the Montjuic station with the intention of disembarking at Mirador for a while before re-ascending to Montjuic but as you can see from the film the weather was pretty bad and so we just remained on board. It's a pretty confined space to film in and the car swaying in the wind did not help. Fortunately, Eve is not the nervous type and carried on regardless.

This scene was previously released in the Members area of the previous Projectpee website but is now available for the first time in full 1080 HD.