016211 Eve Pees On The Floor Of The Filthy Public Toilet 0

This was an unplanned stop on the way from our hotel to Montjuic Castle. Because of the one-way system we had to travel some distance in the "wrong" direction before being able to cut across to the ring road and head towards Montjuic. It was Saturday morning and there was a street market in one of the narrow roads, which slowed us down to a crawl. Eve was desperate to pee and so we stopped. Peeing in the crowded main street was totally out of the question and so we followed a small lane into a picrturesque small square where we spotted a Unisex public toilet. Unfortunately one of the local churches distributed free meals to the homeless, who were the main users of the toilet and despite the fairly smart exterior the interior  was really filthy and had discarded needles on the floor. We would not even have gone inside if Eve had not been so desperate. Eve just hitched up her skirt and peed a torrent on to the floor, which probably washed away some of the dirt, before hurrying back out into the fresh air.

This scene was previously released in the Members area of the previous Projectpee website but is now available for the first time in full 1080 HD

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