We have finally been able to devote more time for updating. We have masses of footage from our earliest filming in 2001 through to recently filmed material which has never been released. The bad news is that the footage is on multiple storage systems and in relation to the previously released material we cannot simply re-use the original clips as they were processed into much small file sizes to match the internet connections of the day and so are having to be re-rendered into much higher resolution clips for today's audience.

Latest updates  

Sorry, we have not updated the announcements for a very long time. In the meantime, we have been adding batches of new files at intervals. We intend to add a lot more over the coming days/weeks and also by request we will be upgrading some of our earlier files, filmed in SD and posting these as time permits. Any of the SD filmed material, which was filmed with professional equipment and is of excellent quality, will be clearly marked as an SD production. Any clips without an SD label has been filmed in full HD.

Since the new site design was introduced the preview stills seem to be a bit of a mess. Maybe we are doing something wrong but an awful lot of the previews just show a bit of scenery rather than a picture of the action. We can assure you that none of the movies consists of a few minutes of vegetation and we will try to remedy this in order that you can get a better impression of the movie.

Many thanks to all our customers and visitors for taking the time to visit our shop and we hope that we can make your visits worthwhile.

Just Completed A Substantial Upload Of New Material  

Hello Everyone

Time has just flown by this year and due to the pressure of other work, we have neglected updating the site. We have just uploaded over 60 clips from the Malta shoot with Eve & Ewa and will be adding the descriptions to the sales pages as quickly as possible. We will also be adding a lot of clips that are waiting to go on line. It was not our original intention to add any of the material filmed prior to our switch to HD in early 2007 but due to several requests we will add some of the older scenes and if there is sufficient interest in these scenes we will add more.